“Preserving the Unity of the Spirit” in a congregation involves virtually every aspect of church life.  One Another Project teaches Biblical paradigms for relationships through multiple resources and training events, each aimed at a different area. 

From our foundational conference, One Body: Experiencing Unity in the Church (6 hours) to the more advanced teachings of Whatever You Bind on Earth: Accountability in the Church (4 hours), these teaching events cover a broad spectrum of church life. There is also Leading Your Church Toward Unity (4 hours), aimed at smaller
leadership groups, such as church staffs, elders, deacons, vestries, ministry teams, Bible Study teachers and church councils.

Finding the Way Forward (2 hours) helps a group, committee, staff, or entire congregation learn to navigate difficult or emotionally charged issues to find God’s will together, and is taken from a study of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15.

Our newest material, 5 Conversations Healthy Relationships (6 hours) is for small or large group retreats focused on healthy interpersonal relationships, especially within the family or other such critical relationships.

The God’s Church, God’s Way (4 hours) conference challenges churches to build differently than the world builds and is ideal for new churches or for churches ready to re-examine how they make decisions and how they build on the foundation Christ has laid for them.  The Prayer-filled Pastor Search (1/2 day retreat) is a unique and practical training opportunity for pastor search committees. It brings both the pastor’s and the lay leader’s perspective to a process bathed in prayer and honoring God.

In Five Principles of Unity (5 hours), our facilitators present an in-depth overview of the small group Bible study which God has used to transform relationships in churches around the world.   If your church is struggling with worship-style issues, the Languages of Worship (3 hours) conference may be a perfect fit for you.

One Another Project’s facilitators and presenters are among the most professional teachers/trainers/facilitators around.  Each of them comes to our ministry already having a rich background in teaching/presentation skills.

All teaching events and materials of One Another Project are strictly tied to Biblical truths. The message of One Another Project is born of God’s Word and easily finds practical application in the heart of every believer.  In fact, understanding and teaching those practical applications is what One Another Project has been gifted to do.


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