We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization governed by a Board of Directors. Our founder and Executive Director, Blake Coffee, is an attorney/mediator and Christian author and speaker called to a ministry of peacemaking. Though his home is in San Antonio, Texas, he has worked with churches, denominational entities and organizations around the world in the areas of mediation and peacemaking. Our Church Law Division is headed by attorney, John Litzler, helping churches and nonprofit organizations with any of a broad range of legal issues, from incorporation and governing documents to personnel issues…from property disputes to liability issues.

We began as a faith-based peacemaking ministry. However, at a time when divisiveness and broken relationships have become the norm in our culture, we have been called upon more and more to facilitate healthy relationships in the secular world. We have the expertise to address relationships at both the individual level and the organizational level. The key to a meaningful life (and to a healthy organization) is healthy relationships.


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