Our Mission

We exist to enrich relationships where Christ-following and culture intersect. The relationship principles we teach all emanate from scripture, wisdom that has been tried and found true by billions of people over thousands of years. Nevertheless, you need not believe everything we believe about the Bible in order to benefit from these principles.

One Another Project aims to be an organization where people, families, churches and entire communities discover pathways to healing, togetherness and peace in a fractured world.

The faith-based aspects of One Another Project ascribe to the following beliefs:

  • That the Bible is the divinely inspired, perfect Word of God-truth with no mixture of error;
  • That Jesus Christ is God’s son, both fully God and fully man, lived a sinless life on earth, died a physical death for the sins of all people, was resurrected to physical life again, and appeared to his disciples before ascending to Heaven where He now sits at God’s right hand;
  • That the Holy Spirit of the living God now indwells everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and savior and manifests Himself through each believer as a spiritual gift intended
    to edify and unify the church;
  • That Jesus Christ established and is the head of the church, which is destined to be an earthly manifestation of His kingdom;
  • That the church, with all its flaws and frailties, is God’s first and only plan for reaching this lost and broken world and helping to reconcile it to Him;
  • That eternal salvation is a gift from God and is obtained by His grace, through faith in Jesus Christ; and
  • That Jesus is coming again to gather up His church.

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